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Board of Directors

Frederick County
Kermit Gaither
Jack Owens
Warren County
Emma Bricker
Mark Huddleston
Shenandoah County
Joan Comanor; Board Chair
Mary Gessner
Clarke County
Randy Buckley
Justin Mackay-Smith
City of Winchester
Paul Burkholder
Reid Hoak
Appointed Directors
Jim Fagan; Board Vice-Chair
Corey Childs; Extension Agent
City of Winchester

A 12-member Board of Directors governs the Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District. Two directors are elected from each locality to serve a four-year term while two directors are appointed for a four-year term. The Directors are responsible for representing the citizens within their county or city. The Board of Directors meets monthly for a district meeting that is open to the public. Each director also serves on one or more committee designed to help accomplish the District’s goals.

Associate Directors are appointed annually by the Directors to serve on committees to help accomplish the goals of the district. There is no limit to the number of terms an associate director may serve.


The Lord Fairfax SWCD board of Directors meet every second Thursday of the month at 10am. The public is welcome to join Board meetings. Please refer to the calendar for more detailed meeting information. Minutes of previous Board of Director meetings through 2020 can be found here. For meeting minutes previous to 2020, please contact the office directly. 

2024 Board Meeting Minutes








2023 Board Meeting Minutes

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