The Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District headquartered in Strasburg in Shenandoah County, VA, is seeking a full-time Conservation Specialist. Applicants with a BS Degree in an agriculture or natural resources related field are preferred, but consideration will also be given to those with, an Associates degree in agriculture, and equivalent agricultural experience. Responsibilities will include farmer contact, promotional efforts regarding Chesapeake Bay non-point nutrient reduction goals and the writing of contracts for the installation of related agricultural Best Management Practices.  Work will be assigned within Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah and/or Warren Counties.  Potential candidate must have knowledge of computers and Microsoft programs, be a self-starter and willing to work in a team environment.  Must have excellent communication and organizational skills. Salary range is $35,000- 50,000, commensurate with knowledge and experience.  Annual renewal of position is dependent on Chesapeake Bay WIP Funds. Health, retirement and leave benefits provided.  Valid Virginia driver’s license, and background check required.  Work will require some use of employee’s own vehicle with work related mileage reimbursed at State rate.  Please send a resume with two references and a letter describing your interest in the position to:

LFSWCD, 722-B East Queen Street, Strasburg, VA  22657

or email to sarah.fleming@lfswcd.org. For further information, please call 540.465.2424, ext. 5.


Positions are open until filled


LFSWCD is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Please read below for a complete Job Description




Salary will be determined by the District Board upon recommendation of Personnel Committee after review with Chair of the Conservation Technical Committee.  Performance in meeting job requirements, education, and length of employment will be given consideration.


The Conservation Specialist is an employee of the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District and is responsible for carrying out the directives of the Board of Directors and the Conservation Technical Committee under the direction of the Sr. Conservation Specialist. The District is responsible for employment, separation, fixing range of duties and hours of work, rate of pay and allowances, paying employees and establishing any other requirements associated with an employer-employee relationship.

In working for the District, the Conservation Specialist shall, within the range of duties and hours of work fixed by the District, work with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel on joint projects and other assistance as available.



The position is permanent based on the availability of funds and mutual agreement by either party.  However, the position may be terminated with 30 days’ notice by either party.   


The Conservation Specialist under the direction of the Conservation Technical Committee will:

  1. Participate in all training programs organized for the purpose of providing the knowledge and skills to allow the Conservation Specialist to carry out the responsibilities of the position. Will obtain all necessary training consistent with requirements of DCR, NRCS, and District’s Conservation Technical Committee.

  2. Promote the installation of Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the District.

  1. This employee will present Virginia Ag-BMP cost-share applications to the Conservation Technical Committee and VCAP cost-share applications to the Urban BMP Committee at the monthly meetings for recommendations to the Board for approval and in so doing shall with all record keeping requirements of the District and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

  1. Schedule and conduct a continuing program of follow-up of installed Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure compliance with the Virginia Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program.

  2. Through farm visits and other on-site inspections of land, determine needs and feasibility of conservation measures; as training level allows, create conservation plans and design/layout of engineering practices when instituting conservation measures; utilize NRCS assistance when necessary for both engineering and non-engineering practices; assist with inspections to check for compliance to specifications.

  1. Assist in carrying out the information and education programs of the District, including (but not limited to): prepare news stories, radio announcements and other media correspondence; contribute to the District newsletter; take pictures and maintain camera; assist with the development of tours, demonstrations and other presentations; assist with the development of the Annual Plan of Work, the Annual Report, the Strategic Plan, award program nominations and other District related reports; assist in the annual Envirothon, school environmental days, and other school-related events as needed.

  1. Promote the Virginia Ag-BMP cost-share program by attending and participating in farm-related meetings, networking with the farm community, and attending and participating in meetings of organizations advocating, coordinating, and carrying out programs to encourage installation of agricultural BMPs.

  1. Attend and participate in meetings of the District Board, Staff and Conservation Technical Committee.

  1. Carryout other duties as requested by the District Board and the Conservation Technical Committee.

  1. Obtain Conservation Planner status within 24 months of hire, as per signed agreement between the District and DCR. Continue to keep status up-to-date through earning Continuing Education Units.

  1. Working with DCR engineering staff, obtain experience and permissions for typical BMP components including (but not limited to) stream crossings, grassed waterways, water systems, and troughs.         


This position requires that the employee have the ability to communicate effectively both orally and through written communication, the ability to interpret and apply policies and procedures, the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others (be a team player), the ability to work independently, the ability to perform computer application tasks, the ability to schedule in an efficient manner, have good map reading skills, and the ability to interpret technical standards.   This position requires that the employee have technical (engineering) knowledge of the design and installation of conservation practices including (but not limited to) construction activities and water system installations (specific engineering knowledge can be gained through on-the-job training).  This employee must also have the ability to utilize Geographic Information Systems and various other computer programs used for planning and carrying out agricultural BMPs and other duties.


The Conservation Specialist should have at a minimum a BS degree in an agriculture or natural resources related field or equivalent experience.  NRCS and DCR specialized training and continuing education is required to obtain conservation planning and other certifications.